ATM Construct S.A.

is a joint stock company with wholly private capital and specializes in civil and industrial construction and road transport of goods. Our company benefits from the experience gained in over 30 years of activity, being dedicated to long-term partnerships.

ATM Construct S.A. represents an innovative, flexible and stable team, formed by specialists with experience in fields such as domestic and international road transport of goods, civil and industrial constructions and the oil industry. Qualified staff and long experience guarantee the competence and superior quality of the services and works performed.

We have at our disposal a complex endowment that includes specialized means of transport, specific machinery and equipment in the field of oil constructions.

The entire range of services provided by ATM Construct is carried out both in accordance with legal requirements and in compliance with safety, quality and environmental standards, so that the activity carried out is in full safety for staff, contractors and beneficiaries.

The company's mission is to offer adequate, fast solutions, perfectly adapted to the needs of each of our partners, in a climate based on trust, professionalism and competitive prices.

Company Policy

The company ATM CONSTRUCT undertakes to provide the organizational framework and resources necessary to achieve the objectives of the integrated management system implemented. Customer orientation is a fundamental principle according to which ATM CONSTRUCT carries out its entire activity.

In order to achieve the quality objectives, ATM CONSTRUCT is committed to:

  • Executes works and provides quality services, in the fields of activity of ATM CONSTRUCT, based on the requirements of the legislation in the field of transports as well as the norms that govern the construction sector;
  • implements a high-performance quality management system that includes both the quality parameters of the works / services provided, as well as management programs developed for quality assurance and control, in accordance with the SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard;
  • Establish and systematically monitor quality objectives to ensure the effectiveness of our integrated management system;
  • selects suppliers according to clearly defined criteria that correspond to the quality standards, which our organization undertakes to comply with.
  • identifies adequate means of work and continuous adaptation of procedures, in order to meet customer requirements;
  • cultivate among its own staff competence, responsibility and a positive partnership attitude;
  • continuously trains and evaluates the staff to ensure their qualification at the level of the required requirements;
  • ensures a favorable climate of cooperation for the development of interpersonal and interprofessional relationships;

Environmental protection is a permanent concern for the ATM CONSTRUCT company involved active in the continuous improvement of environmental performance. We are aware that we can have a positive influence the environment, which is why we make sure:

  • compliance with all legal requirements in force regarding environmental protection;
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance by implementing a environmental management system In accordance with the standard SR EN ISO 14001: 2015;
  • Significant reduction of waste resulting from the activities of our company in order to prevent environmental pollution;

  • The organization's policy aims to periodically renew the fleet of vehicles and equipment in order to permanently reduce CO2 emissions.
    Aware of the importance of system efficiency environmental management, all staff ATM CONSTRUCT, whose activities can have an impact on the environment, are trained, know, apply and are responsible for compliance with the provisions of the system environmental management as well as provisions the legislation in force on the environment, applicable to the services performed by our company.
    Regarding Occupational Health and Safety, ATM CONSTRUCT is committed to:

    • to ensure the achievement of a high level of performance in the field of Health and Occupational Security, by complying with legal requirements and implementing a management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard SR OHASAS 18001: 2015;
    • to ensure the adequate resources for the implementation of the policy and strategy in the field;
    • to ensure the conditions for the knowledge, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the system at all levels of the company;
    • to determine the involvement of employees in the implementation of the policy and in the achievement of the established Occupational Health and Safety objectives;
    • To provide the necessary resources to prepare all employees for the fulfillment of their tasks and responsibilities.

In order to achieve the objectives of social responsibility, the management of ATM CONSTRUCT is committed to:

  • to provide all the necessary resources for the proper implementation and maintenance of the Social Responsibility Management System in accordance with the requirements of the international standard RS-8000
  • to periodically analyze the policy and the performances of the Social Responsibility Management System in order to ensure the continuous improvement, taking into account the changes of the legislative framework;
  • ensure that the policy in the field of social responsibility is implemented, maintained, communicated and accessible to all staff, but also to suppliers or subcontractors with whom they collaborate.

  • The policy in the INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, respectively of quality, environment, safety and occupational health, social responsibility is addressed to ATM CONSTRUCT personnel regardless of their job or level of training. They have the obligation to meet the requirements established in the manual, procedures, work instructions and other documents applicable to their field of activity.