We are aware that we can better influence the environment, customers satisfaction and the health status of people! The concern we solve the problems CLEAN such as: CO2 emissions,  wastewater discharges, waste from demolitions, deviations from specified requirements and the specific risks in construction activities.

For us, ATM CONSTRUCT, the integrated management of quality, environmental,of  health and occupational safety and of social responsibility , is associated with the commitment to:
•  improve continuously and simultaneously the performances in quality and environmental field by improving the effectiveness of our processes;
•  prevent the pollution;
•  conform by the law, requirements imposed and other requirements to which we subscribe, about the enhanced services quality and the issues of our environmental, the occupational health and safety and social responsibility.

Ensure implementation and monitoring this policy by focusing on the following objectives:
•  higher share of 90% the degree of satisfaction of stakeholders ,  generated by our environmental performance, quality, occupational health and safety and social responsibility;
•  increasing the number of employees involved in the continuous process of identifying-evaluating-prioritizing environmental issues and hazards for occupational health and safety and risks associated with these risks;
•  continuous decrease the number of complaints received about our environmentalperformance, quality, occupational health and safety, and social responsibility;

To ensure the achievement of these objectives, we implemented , maintain and continuously improve the integrated management system of quality, environmental, of occupational health and safety and of social responsibility in accordance with the requirements of international standards SR EN ISO 9001:2015 , respectively SR EN ISO 14001:2015, SR EN ISO 45001:2018 si RS-8000.

We allocate, without hesitation, all the the resources necessary efficiency of our system of integrated management!

Representative of Leadership for the integrated management,
Eng. Stefan Ion Popescu


We are a joint stock company, established according to the Law no.31/1990 on trading companies, publicly owned company, as required by the Law no.297/2004, concerning the market of capital, marking at National Commission Values- The Office of Recording the Values (Registration Certificate nr.2222/2002).  

The social capital subscribed and paid is worth of  231.902.5 lei, divided into a number of 92,761 nominative shares with nominal value of 2.5 lei / share.   

The company shareholding, made up entirely of individuals, has the following structure:

   •  Popescu Stefan Ion - CEO - 43,48 %
•  Kusztos Alexandru - Deputy CEO - 21,81%
•  Individuals - 34,71%